Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

The mission of
Rossville Christian Church is:
Focusing on Christ
as we connect Kaw Valley to
Authentic Worship, Genuine Service, Unconditional Love and Unarmed Truth

The Vision

The vision of Rossville Christian Church is to reach our community by being the Church and fulfilling the Great commission.
Growing Out and Elevating Within!

Authentic Worship

Authentic Worship starts with the believer. We must worship in Spirit and in Truth. We create an environment of free worship in our family to grow and mature in Christ. 

Genuine Service

Genuine Service means serving without expectation of return. We serve to please God and to love others as ourselves. 

Unconditional Love

Our love comes without limits. We are learning to love as Christ did, without obligation and without strings attached. We do not forfeit the Scripture, but love others in the Word of God. 

Unarmed Truth

We teach the Bible. It's as simple as that. We share the Good News of Christ that others may know of His saving grace. We teach for no other reason than to mature each other and show the lost the way home.