Oct 1st, 2023

Shirley Driscoll - blessing of son, Rodney being here for the weekend
Grace Brian - total knee replacement surgery for Thursday, prayers for healing. Prayers for a classmate of mine's wife diagnosed with last stage of lung cancer
Some of our Brothers and Sisters, Our Church, and our World have needs that continue week in and week out and need fervent and consistent prayer for a longer time.

Our Missions:
Manhattan Christian College
King Solomon Christian Camp
Cookson Hills
Spensor Askren/Student Mobilization
United in Christ Ministries Worldwide
Bloom International
For our Church:
Praise for the Holy Spirit's leading and impact
Thanksgiving and grace for our pastors
Discernment and wisdom for our leaders
Wise stewardship of our resources.

Our military members, police and emergency personnel, especially:
Brady Stauffer
Skyler Cooper
Doug Schreiner
Ryan Woodard
David Larson
Cody Cooper
Riley Falk
Malcolm Gillum
Casey Cooper
Brian Hill
Shannon Hosman
Nate Wood
For Healing:
Michael Van Vleck
Brad Hill
Quinnlynn Jones
Dale Askren
Marti Wright
Bob Wright
Rob Morgan
Kent Askren
Mallory Hammer
Virginia Meyer
Lesa Brian
Gretchen Upton
Chuck Harth
Ginny Doty
Alice Andrick

For our Nation & Community:
Our leaders

Please call me at 785-584-6351 or email me atbrandon@rccinhisgrip.comwith updates and praises, or put them on your Sunday attendance card.

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